Antique car parts for Ford Model T, Model A, V8 and Tractors
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Company Background
For more than 30 years Fun Projects, Inc. has been a manufacturer of quality parts and accessories for the antique car restoration hobby. Our first product was a voltage regulator for the Model T Ford which offered a simple bolt on improvement to the standard and troublesome "cutout" based electrical system. Now we also make voltage regulators for Ford Model A, Ford V8, and even Ford tractors. On special order we have made them for Buicks, Dodges, Whippets, and other cars.  Our voltage regulators are available in standard 6, 8 and 12 volt versions and we have sold more than 15,000 of them to date. Not just an accessory, our voltage regulator is housed in an exact reproduction of the original Ford cutout so there are no lost "show" points. They have been installed on top show winning restorations including winners of the prestigious Stynoski trophy for Model T Fords.
Our design engineering has also produced other "better than original" parts such as our modern roller bearing drive shaft spool which will run silent and smooth on the longest tours while maintaining the ring and pinion gear in perfect adjustment.
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All products manufactured by Fun Projects, Inc. are show quality and are made to the exact factory specifications when those specifications are available. Our newest products come with a certificate of authenticity showing the evolution of the part according to our research. Our goal is continued quality reproduction parts that fit right because they ARE right.
Fun Projects, Inc.
Colfax, IA
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