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Ford V8 Voltage Regulator shown with Ford scipt

Ford V8 Voltage Regulator
Without sacrifice of the original look you can now replace that troublesome generator cutout. Enjoy the luxury of modern day electronics hidden inside an original style generator cutout housing. Cruise with confidence knowing you have a "true field winding control" voltage regulator on your generator and thus protection from electrical system burnout due to overworking of the battery and generator. Designed for the standard 6 volt positive ground system, both a 6 volt and a 12 volt model are available and both are designed to work with the unmodified 6V generator. This makes 12 volt conversion of your car a snap. We now offer both positive and negative ground versions of our 12V regulators.
  • No lost "Show" points - exact replacement for generator cutout
  • Not just a diode cutout conversion but a complete electronic voltage regulator
  • Protects the generator and electrical system from burn out due to overcharging
  • Adds years to generator life
  • No alterations to generator or car wiring - installs in minutes
  • No more dead generator or boiled away battery
  • 6V Models available with or without Ford script
  • 12V models now available in negative ground configuration
Additional Documentation

Installation Instructions (6V models)
Installation Instructions (12V Pos Gnd models)
Installation Instructions (12V Neg Gnd models)

These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Part No.   Description   Technical Doc   Price   Add to Cart
10505R-V8   '32-'39 Ford V8 Regulator, 6 Volt Positive Ground (Unscripted)   PDF   $70.75  
S10505R-V8   '32-'39 Ford V8 Voltage Regulator, 6 Volt Positive Ground (Scripted)   PDF   $77.65  
S10505R-V812   '32-'39 Ford V8 Voltage Regulator, 12 Volt Positive Ground (Scripted)   PDF   $91.70  
S10505R-V8N12   '32-'39 Ford V8 Voltage Regulator, 12Volt Negative Ground (Scripted)   PDF   $91.70  

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