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5000/5001Con-Set used from 1913(late)-1925
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5001BCon-Set used from 1925(late)-1927
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1913-1927 Coil Box Spring Contact Sets
These Coil Box Spring Contact Sets fit the 1913-1927 Model T Ford metal coil boxes. The parts are made exactly to Ford drawings on file at Fun Projects, Inc. The metal chemistry and temper are exactly the same as originally supplied by Ford and the parts are carefully formed to the correct shape per Ford drawings to insure proper electrical contact with the coil unit side and bottom terminals. Unlike other reproduction spring contacts these contacts will not fatigue and become intermittent. The 5000/5001Con-Set fits the metal coil box used from 1913(late)-1925 that was mounted to the dash panel inside the passenger compartment. The 5001BCon-Set fits the coil box used from 1925(late)-1927 that was mounted on the motor.
  • Made exactly to Ford drawings on File
  • Correct metal chemistry
  • Correct metal tempering
  • Correct metal forming

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5000/5001Con-Set   '13(late)-'25 Coil Box Contact Set     $28.50  
5001BCon-Set   '25(late)-'27 Coil Box Contact Set     $28.50  

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