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High dV/dT Model T Coil Capacitor

High dV/dT Model T Coil Capacitor
The use of typically found capacitors in Model T coils will quickly result in capacitor failure. Usually this is not because the voltage rating was exceeded. More likely an important but rather obscure rating of the capacitor was ignored - namely the dV/dT rating. This ratings must exceed 550 Volts/uSec but typical metalized type capacitors simply cannot come close to this rating. Our High dV/dT Coil Capacitor has a rating of 1700 Volts/uSec. It is also provided in a more compact pressed oval shape for easier installation inside the T coil unit box.
  • dV/dT rating of 1700V/uSec
  • Reliable film/foil construction
  • Pressed oval shape for easy installation
  • Rugged conformal epoxy coating

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5007CAP-HiD   1700V/uSec High dV/dT Model T Coil Capacitor     $2.25  

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