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Model T Buzz Coils for Hit & Miss Engines
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Model T Buzz Coil for Hit & Miss Engines
We have manufactured 5007KW Model T Ford type ignition coils for many years. Thousands of our coils have been built precisely to Ford factory drawings here on file. We use only Hard Maple as specified by the factory and all of our hardware is solid brass to prevent rusting or poor electrical connections. We use only our own special high dV/dT rated capacitor for longest possible life and then fill the entire internal coil chamber with highest melting point tar as original. No details are omitted. New tungsten points are installed and we then precisely adjust the coil on our own Strobo-Spark coil tester to provide a hot coil ready to go right out of the box. These coils perform as sweet as they look. To make connection to the Model T style buzz coil easier and reliable we built these "special" coils with brass binding posts where the contacts normally are and then label those contacts with S, T, and B lettering to indicate Spark plug, Timer, and Battery wire connections.
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