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5016-6V Ford Model T Voltmeter
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5016-12V Ford Model T Voltmeter
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1919-1925 Style Voltmeters
The cases on these voltmeters are built exactly to Ford dimensional drawings thus they will fit into any existing 1919-1925 Ford Ammeter opening. They feature 1.5% full scale accuracy and use the same "steady as a rock" D'Arsonval meter movement as our proven rugged ammeters. These voltmeters are designed primarily for applications where the charging current supply is greater than 20 amps as when using Alternators or heavy duty generators. Expanded scales allow a greater reading accuracy over the voltage range of interest. Retains the fit and feel of originality while allowing monitoring of the battery or charging voltage in either 6V or 12V applications.
  • Rugged D'Arsonval movement
  • 1.5% Full scale accuracy
  • Steady readings even on rough roads
  • Exanded scale ranges
  • Available in both 6V and 12V models
Additional Documentation

Installation Instructions (6V Model)
Installation Instructions (12V Model)

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5016-12V   1919-1925 Model T Voltmeter - 12 Volt   PDF   $59.00  
5016-6V   1919-1925 Model T Voltmeter - 6 Volt   PDF   $59.00  

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