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S5016 Ford Model T Ammeter
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Does your ORIGINAL METER read like this???

1919-1925 Model T Ammeter
Built exactly to Ford dimensional drawings on file this very accurate ammeter is a faithful reproduction of the typical 1919-1925 Model T Ammeter. It features a "steady as a rock" D'Arsonval meter movement designed for rugged applications. It does NOT bounce when the T hits a "bump" in the road. Better than the original specification of 5% accuracy, this ammeter features 1.5% full scale accuracy to allow precise adjustment of the Ford charging system. Ford Motor Company licensed - it is offered with an optional ILLUMINATED model that features LED lit face via a simple connection to the TAIL LIGHT terminal of the Model T light switch. The Illuminated S5016L model is supplied with a voltage dropping resistor for use on 12V systems but is ready to go for 6V systems.
  • Rugged D'Arsonval Movement
  • 1.5% Full Scale Accuracy
  • Steady Readings Even on Rough Roads
  • Illuminated Model usable on 6V or 12V
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S5016   1919-1925 Model T Ammeter   PDF   $64.95  
S5016L   1919-1925 Model T Ammeter (Illuminated)   PDF   $69.95  

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