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Weston Meter Scale
"Red Line" Jewell Meter Scale

Meter Dial Plate Artwork for HCCT Meters
Finish off the restoration of your Hand Cranked Coil Tester (HCCT) with a fresh new ammeter artwork. We have meticulously created an ALL NEW artwork for both The Weston and Jewell versions of the ammeter face plates including the "Red Line" Jewell ammeter version. These are not copies that have been "cleaned up" with the usual compromise resolution but rather a completely new regenerated artwork using matching fonts and all new graphic markings that are precisely spaced as original. These artworks are printed on high resolution photo card stock using a 6 color photo print process. The actual artworks supplied are at a resolution 10 time finer than the artworks pictured on this web site. We have spent so many hours doing this that we have imbedded an invisible digital watermark to prevent counterfeit copies of our work.

Part No.   Description     Price   Add to Cart
MDP-1   HCCT Meter Dial Plate for Weston Meter     $25.00  
MDP-2   HCCT Meter Dial Plate for Jewell Meter     $25.00  
MDP-3   HCCT Meter Dial Plate for Red Line Jewell Meter     $25.00  

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