Antique car parts for Ford Model T, Model A, V8 and Tractors
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Part Number   Description   Price   Availability   Add to Cart
2595B   Model T Drive shaft   $125.00   In stock  
5000/5001Con-Set   '13(late)-'25 Coil Box Contact Set   $28.50   Backordered  
5001BCon-Set   '25(late)-'27 Coil Box Contact Set   $28.50   In stock  
5007CAP-HiD   1700V/uSec High dV/dT Model T Coil Capacitor   $2.25   In stock  
5007KW-set of 5   Model T Ford Coils - set of 5 - Price is $325 plus $30 total core deposit - refundable upon receipt of Ford or KW coils with good windings - Wood parts condition not important - We buy extra cores for $2.   $325.00   Backordered  
  + Core Deposit [What is this?]   $30.00  
5007KW-Special   Ford Model T Buzz Coil for Hit & Miss Engines   $74.95   Backordered  
5016-12V   1919-1925 Model T Voltmeter - 12 Volt   $59.00   Backordered  
5016-6V   1919-1925 Model T Voltmeter - 6 Volt   $59.00   Backordered  
5121   Model T Generator Bearing - Small (Brush End)   $2.75   In stock  
5122   Model T Generator Bearing - Large (Gear end)   $4.25   In stock  
6432BEL   Horn Bell, Magneto and Battery Horns   $28.95   In stock  
6432DIA   Battery Horn Diaphragm - Stainless Steel   $16.25   Backordered  
6432MC   Battery Horn Motor Cover   $19.80   In stock  
6437D   1926-1927 Horn Bracket - Heavy 1/8" Formed steel   $25.00   In stock  
AFK-1   Model A Fuse Kit   $7.00   In stock  
BLS-1   Brake Lights Switch Kit   $29.50   Backordered  
MDP-1   HCCT Meter Dial Plate for Weston Meter   $25.00   In stock  
MDP-2   HCCT Meter Dial Plate for Jewell Meter   $25.00   In stock  
MDP-3   HCCT Meter Dial Plate for Red Line Jewell Meter   $25.00   In stock  
PUB-1   Pick-up Bed Plans   $9.95   In stock  
S5016   1919-1925 Model T Ammeter   $64.95   Backordered  
S5016L   1919-1925 Model T Ammeter (Illuminated)   $69.95   Backordered  
TFK-1   Model T Ford Fuse Kit   $7.00   In stock  

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